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Downs, IL | McLean County


December 4, 2012

I could not be happier with Tri-Valley schools at all levels. Eventhough they are a small school, they consistently outperform the other schools in the county, even the much larger Unit 5 & District 87. Parental involvement is exceptional. While the school district originally serveda rural audience, in the past 20 years the growth of semi-rural upper-middle class to upper class developments has changed the characteristics of the student body and the tax base. While I agree with another commenter that there is virtually no diversity at Tri-Valley, I dont agree that the district is overly sports oriented. I have two children that participate in athletics and I cna tell you first hand that the academic requirements for athletes to participate are stricter than what the state requires. Eventhough they are a small school, students can earn college credit for high school course work through a program that TVHS offers i conjunciton with the local community college. All things considered, I cna not think of any other school distric in central Illinois that I would prefer my children to attend.

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September 13, 2011

Tri-Valley is not diverse-mostly white/non-Hispanic wealthy families. In an ever growing global world, living and learning in a diverse environment would be of great value to any student. If your child is outstanding in sports Tri-Valley may be a great fit. The music and fine arts programs leave much to be desired. If you want your child to be valued for trying to earn top GPA for scholarships-you will most likely find disappointment. Some years ago, this school had one of-if not the-best Gifted program, but funding was cut after a few years. Teachers in history and sciences are outstanding. Tri-Valley opened it's doors in the small village of Downs, IL in 1979. The small town grapevine is well established, and not for the thin-skinned. There is always a conflict of interest when hefty donations and the class bully come from the same family. All schools have issues to improve on and having an idea of what those issue are, is half of the battle. I would enroll my children in this district again.

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August 6, 2008

The school has good teachers but it spends WAY TOO MUCH on sports and special ed, a quarter of all the class rooms are special ed classrooms for all the stupid students, being a gifted student i hate every single day i attend there due to the entire disregard for all gifted students and the fact that it doesn't allow students to take higher up classes unless they are in that grade ( If you are a freshman who got a 98% in 8th grade Science you still can't take chemistry because that is a Sophomore class). If your child has is mentally handicapped then Tri-Valley is a gold mine if not then DO NOT CONSIDER IT IF YOUR CHILD IS GIFTED OR BRIGHT, the only gifted program they have is a part time gifted teacher that uses the library closet as the classroom. I would go to Bloomington-Normal schools instead.

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March 26, 2008

I am very satisfied with tri valley as all three of my kids have attended there their whole life. My first graduated comfortably from eastern with a good base from high school. My second received a provost schoarship in architectural engineering from siu carbondale based on his performance in his ap classes provided by tri valley and my third is doing just as well and will graduate next year. The teachers overall have been great with few exceptions. The quality of the environment is second to none as they have no social issues such as gangs to deal with and drug use is minimal. When discipline is nescessary it is fair and impartial. They have my total support.

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April 4, 2005

I transferred to this highschool during my sophmore year. When I arrived I had a 1.7gpa. By the time I graduated I had a 3.5gpa (in 2 1/2 years).

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